Town of Milford, New Hampshire Demographics

Population:15,673 (2016 estimate) 
Median Household Income:$69,515 (2016 US Census) 
Tax Rate:$28.56 per thousand (2015) 
Size:25.41 square miles 
Public Schools:kindergarten
Elementary schools (readiness - 5)
Middle school (6-8)
One high school (9-12) and Applied Technology Center
Town Government:SB2, Board of Selectmen
Distances:11 miles to Nashua, NH
18 miles to Manchester, NH
55 miles to Boston, MA 
Medical Centers:St. Joseph's Medical Center 
Nearest Hospitals:St. Joseph's Hospital/Nashua, NH
Southern NH Regional Medical Center (Nashua) 
Total Number of Employers:350 (2000 estimate) 
Major Employers:Hitchiner manufacturing Corp. 
Hendrix Wire & Cable
Norton Ceramics
Hampshire Hills Sports & Fitness
Milford School District
Airmar Technology Corporation
NPC, Inc
Alene Candles