Good Morning Milford

The purpose of the “Good Morning Milford Program” is to provide people who live alone a sense of security in knowing that someone is in contact with them on a daily basis and to provide them with help if needed.

It is requested that you call the Police Department each morning between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM to check in. If the Milford Police Department does not receive a call from you by 10:00 AM, we will call you to make sure everything is all right. If we cannot reach you, we will send a Policeman to your home to check on your well being.


Senior Citizens Law Project

What kinds of legal issues can the Senior Law Project help with?

Lawyers and Paralegals on the Senior Law Project help seniors with various civil matters affecting individuals 60 years and older.

The following legal problems are among those typically faced by our clients:

Consumer Debt Collections/Financial Exploitation
Housing/Property Taxes
Nursing Home/Assisted Living Transfer Discharge
Social Security Denials
Medicaid Denials