Brox Information Summary

Town Officials have been working with Fieldstone Engineering to develop a comprehensive plan for the excavation of 919,000 cubic yards of marketable material and future municipal use of the BROX property.  The total mining operation has a potential to generate approximately $1,148,750 for the Town. A copy of Fieldstones most recent report and BROX maps are listed below, and the Board of Selectmen are working on an warrant article to present to voters on March 10th, 2015.


Pipeline Information *Updated 2-27-2015


     Two of the Milford Board of Selectmen met with representatives of Kinder Morgan to understand what they wanted.  The Board of Selectmen has asked Kinder Morgan to make a public presentation to the Board of Selectmen in early January; this presentation will be televised so that the town can understand what the project is.  This is just the beginning of at least a year long process.   The pipeline goes through 17 towns in Southern NH and there will be public hearings and open houses, one of which is planned for Mid-January in Milfo