2012 Election Results

2012 Election Results

President/Vice-President of the U.S.

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D) 3940
Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R) 3773
Gary Johnson/James P. Gray (L) 112
Virgil Goode/James Clymer (C) 3

New Hampshire Governor

Ovide Lamontagne (R) 3335
Maggie Hassan (D) 4150
John J. Babiarz (L) 230


Zoning Questions

Article 2 – Zoning Changes 2012 Ballot Vote

To vote on Planning Board proposed zoning changes and amendments.

The Planning Board SUPPORTS all Amendments:


Ballot Vote No. 1

1. Are you in favor of adoption of Amendment #1 as proposed by the Milford Planning Board for the Town of Milford Zoning Ordinance as follows: