Event Date & Time: 
Sat, 06/23/2012 - 9:00am to 11:00am

4th Sat Hike at Rotch Wildlife Preserve

Parking Coordinates71°39'31.75"W 42°47'52.32"N


Please join us for the commission’s 4th Saturday Hike on June 23 at the Rotch Wildlife Preserve. 

The property was donated to the Conservation Commission by William Rotch in 2003.  The land was purchased by the Rotch family in the late 1920’s as a wood lot.  Mr. Rotch, Sr., hired quarry men during their slack season to cut brush and then the family planted several thousand white pine seedlings.  “Sunday mornings Dad and I and the family dogs, all of  them, would drive to the woodlot and thin or trim pine trees.  At noon, Mother and my sister Helen would come with Campbell’s soup, egg sandwiches and cakes of Mr. Goodbar chocolate.”    The Campbell Soup can lids can still be seen on trees to mark trails.

Come to see beavers happy in their habitat – active and large dams.  Please be prepared for wet conditions.  Also, wear light colored clothing to more easily spot ticks along for the ride.

Directions –  Coordinates: 71°39'31.75"W 42°47'52.32"N

Rt 101 bypass to Rt.13S.  Turn right onto Melendy Rd.  About a half mile,turn left onto Ruonala Road. After about 1/3 mile, look for parking area on the left.  The Rotch WP sign is visible at the entrance to the parking.