To the Townspeople of Milford, NH: 
I am writing to bring to your attention to two agenda items from the most recent Governor and Executive Council meeting (November 8, 2017) about which you will want to be informed. The items are as follows: 
#69    Authorize the Division of Motor Vehicles to enter into a lease agreement with Odhner Holographics Inc., Amherst, NH, for the purpose of temporarily housing the Milford Division of Motor Vehicles, in an amount not to exceed $114,000 including a payment of $57,600 for necessary interior fit-up prior to occupancy.  Effective upon G&C approval through December 31, 2019.  100% Agency Income (Cost of Collections).  (Item passed, 5-0.) 
#74   Authorize the Department of Safety to transfer to the Department of Administrative Services sole management responsibility for a State land parcel and the improvements situated thereon , Milford, NH, consisting of approximately 2,051 acres of land, a building formerly housing a State Police Barracks and Division of Motor Vehicles Substation, and other improvements, for the purpose of redeveloping the Property and constructing the new Milford Circuit Courthouse using the corresponding capital appropriation made by 2017 NH Laws 228:1,II.D.3. (Item passed, 5-0). 
The location of the DMV in Milford will be changing temporarily (the lease agreement is for up to 2 years) to 589 Elm Street (the old police station) in Milford, NH while its current location is renovated to include a new District Courthouse as well as the permanent location for the DMV. 
If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
District Five Executive Councilor, 
David Wheeler