Target shooting on Town Community Lands "BROX" is prohibited

No person shall target shoot with a firearm on the town owned property known as The Town Community Lands "BROX".

If a person is reported to be target shooting on posted town property they could receive a warning from the police. If the same person is reported to be target shooting a second time on the posted town property, they could receive a trespass notice, which notifies the individual that they are no longer allowed on the property. Should a third time occur, the person could be arrested and charged with Criminal Trespassing.


Aggressive Marketing Tactics - Certain Energy Suppliers

Eversource has created a short video on how residents and businesspeople can respond to the ongoing problem of aggressive marketing approaches by certain competitive energy suppliers. 

Some of these marketers are falsely claiming to represent Eversource in an effort to pressure a response or threaten action. Eversource never resorts to this type of communication with our customers. 


Town of Milford Parks

A reminder that Town Parks close at 10:00pm and Town Ordinance 4.04.070 all dogs in the public lands of Adams Field, Emerson Park, Kaley Park, Keyes Park and Shepard Park must be securely and physically attached to a leash or other tether no longer than 16 feet.  Dog owners, Please remember that you are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Thank you