Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Milford Board of Selectmen to act on behalf of the Milford residents to set the policies and principals for the management of the business and affairs of the town; to oversee the health, safety, welfare, and other services provided by the Milford municipal departments and ensure that those services are administered efficiently, responsibly, and cost-effectively, with mutual courtesy and respect; and to protect the interests of taxpayers.

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Mark Fougere - Chairman | 2018
Kevin Federico - Vice Chairman | 2019
Laura Dudziak | 2020
Mike Putnam | 2020
Gary Daniels | 2018











If you have any questions, concerns or issues related to the Town of Milford, and you want to discuss these with your official representatives, you can now reach your Board of Selectmen directly by email. Just click the e-mail addresses above.  Board of Selectmen group email

You can also contact the Town Administrator if you have questions or concerns for the board.

Town of Milford - Board of Selectmen
Selectmen's Office - (603) 249-0600, Tina Philbrick - Executive Assistant