January 2014
Application has been made to NHDES for the required permits to proceed with the dredging of the pond.  Legislation sponsored by Rep. Daniels in the last session changed the state’s fee system and the total permit fee for approximately 11.5 acres of wetland disturbance for the proposed dredging was $10,000. It is anticipated that the permit will be issued prior to spring, 2014.  The Board of Selectmen is considering such issues as the extent of the dredging, phasing the project, and financing the project.  In the mean time, there are no plans to alter the water elevation.

May 2013
The repairs to the dam have been completed as required by the Department of Environmental Services (DES). Attention has been turned to the restoration of the pond that will be aided by the future dredging project. The application for the permit to dredge the pond is being prepared.  We had hoped to initiate the dredging last winter, however the DES permit review fees would have exceeded the funds available for the project.  Gary Daniels, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen and a member of the NH House of Representatives, introduced legislation at the state level to restrict the maximum fee for this type of municipal project to a much more affordable $10,000.  Once this fee change becomes law, the application can be submitted to DES.  With some luck, we will have our permits this fall in time for dredging over the winter as long as sufficient funds are available.  Since it is important to minimize the presence of some of the ponds inhabitants within the area to be dredged and this can be assisted by keeping the pond level down, it is the intent to keep the pond at its current level.  Call 249-0628 for additional information.