Volunteer family mediation

This training program is for individuals interested in becoming volunteer family mediators. The program is scheduled over an eight-week period and requires a time commitment of approximately 40 hours. Those who successfully complete the training are then matched with experienced mediators for a 20-hour internship.  Volunteer mediators dedicate approximately two hours each mediation session working with families to facilitate the communication process and guide families towards workable agreements (on average, sessions occur once per week for 2 months).  Volunteers are asked to make a one-year commitment to the Mediation Program.

Peer mediation

Peer mediation at schools involves an impartial student peer who guides two or more students through the communication process in an effort to resolve a dispute and find solutions satisfactory to all.  Through this educational training, students are taught life skills to enable them to become productive, independent citizens: communication, problem solving, decision-making, negotiation, and non-violent conflict resolution.  Peer mediation training consists of 3 separate stages: staff training in conflict resolution (8-11 hours), peer mediation for staff (12-15 hours) and peer mediation for students (20-25 hours).  There is also on-going support and consultation to the schools that partake in this community training opportunity.  Milford Area Mediation Program provides Peer Mediation training at schools in western Hillsborough County.

Schools can contact the Mediation Program at (603) 249-0671