Road Inventory and Data Collection Project

Milford, New Hampshire, Milford DPW is commencing to start in on a road inventory and data collection project through-out the entire town. This project is scheduled to start June 6th and will continue through June 20.
This project will provide the town with a complete up to date inventory, analysis and condition report of the infrastructure that will be used in the planning strategies for future budgeting and decision-making of road work.

This process will also include verification of the existing signage system and give a retroreflectivity report for each sign and develop a report of the system for future planning as required by the federal government.
This work will be conducted by Cartegraph, a software company that supplies the town with the infrastructure management programing used by DPW. This work will take place during the day and will have some night-time work evaluating signage at night to determine retroreflectivity.

The project vehicle will look like a Google earth truck with laser’s and camera’s attached, with the company name on the vehicle.

All town agencies have been notified and briefed on the work that is to be done. If there are any questions, please call the DPW office and speak with Mary Dickson or Rick Riendeau at 673-1662.

Rick Riendeau
Public Works Director
Town of Milford

This process will begin on June 6th and will be ending on June 20th.  All vehicles will be marked with the Cartegraph logo.  If you have any concerns or questions please contact Milford Public Works (Mon – Fri from 7:30 to 4:00) at 673-1662 or contact the Milford Area Communications Center (MACC Base) at 673-1414.