Historic Resources in Milford

Historic structures and sites are the visual manifestation of the story of a community's people, places, and activity. The preservation of these resources helps a community retain a sense of place and identity. Prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, such as Indian sites, cellar holes, and cemeteries, also contribute to the understanding of a community's past like no written record can. In the case of prehistoric Indian sites, for example, there are no written records to study. Moreover, historic archaeological sites often contain artifacts that tell a story different from the one popularly accepted as history.

Within Milford's borders exist potential sites relating to the following historical contexts:

Prehistoric Period*

Paleo-Indian 10,000 to 8,000 BC
Archaic 8,000 to 1,000 BC
Woodland 1,000 BC to 1600 AD

Historic Period*

Small-scale lumbering and sawmilling 1750 - 1850
Rural textile manufacturing in So. NH 1820 - 1920
Sheep farming in NH 1820 - 1870
Dairying in NH 1840 - 1890
Dairying in NH 1890 to present
Granite quarrying in NH 1850 to present
NH Railroads 1850 - 1940

*Proposed contexts from the NH Statewide Comprehensive Plan for Historic Preservation, now under preparation by the DHR.

These contexts are being developed by the Division of Historical Resources following a National Park Service model designed to help each state present and evaluate information before making preservation decisions. There are likely to be other themes or contexts that could be applied to Milford.

Historic sites and structures contribute significantly to the town's character and aesthetic quality. In effect, there are two historical aspects to Milford. The first is the center Oval with its late 18th-, 19th-, and 20th-century buildings, a classic and significant New Hampshire mill town center. The second is the rural character of the town, with many 18th- and 19th-century houses scattered along country roads. These resources contribute to the visual quality of Milford, both along scenic roads and in the town core. A variety of buildings of differing ages and styles provides an exciting built environment, which attracts tourists and patrons of local businesses.

A preliminary review by Division of Historical Resources (DHR) staff indicates that there are many historic structures in Milford meriting further study and protection. These structures are listed below:

Historic Buildings in Milford

1. Carey House (Historical Soc.)?Union St.
2. Community House (Livermore)1842Union St.
3. First Congregational Church1834Union St.
4. Water Works1889South St.
5. Benjamin Goodwin1818Nashua St.
6. Methodist Episcopal Church1816Mt.Vernon/Grove
7. Eagle Hall1784Union Square
8. First Unitarian Church1878Elm St.
9. St. Patrick Church1890Amherst St.
10. Baptist Church1806No. River Rd.
11. Joseph Gould House1746Federal Hill Rd.
12. Aladon Averill House1820Jennison Rd.
13. Ebenezer Averill, Jr. House1786Jennison Rd.
14. Col. J. Burnham's Tavern (Hutchinson Family Homestead)1773No. River Rd.
15. Abner Hutchinson House1775No. River Rd.
16. Nathaniel Hutchinson House1882No. River Rd.
17. William Marvel House1842No. River Rd.
18. Deacon J. Wallace House1811No. River Rd.
19. Abiel Holt House1793Grove St.
20. Humphrey Moore House1820Elm St.
21. William Darracott, Jr. House1799Elm St.
22. Hopkins-Tucker House1816Elm St.
23. Andrew Bradford House1743Joslin Rd.
24. Benjamin Hutchinson Homestead1747Old Wilton Road
25. Elisha Town House1770Nashua Street
26. Phineas Blanchard House1813Savage Rd.
27. Daniel Goodwin House1790Federal Hill Rd.
28. Moses Foster Homestead1788Federal Hill Rd.
29. Isaac Abbott House1778Emerson Rd.
30. Caleb Brown House1781Judd Hall Rd.
31. Timothy Colburn House1803Echo Rd.
32. Col. J. Shepard, Jr. House1757Mt. Vernon Rd.
33. Daniel Burns, Jr. House1761Burns Rd.
34. Nehemiah Barker Homestead1782Foster Rd.
35. James Johnson House1800?Ruonala Rd.

Source: Division of Historical Resources, 1988.

Properties Listed on the National Register of Historic Places 1988

1. William Peabody House (1740?)11-30-79North River Road
2. Milford Cotton & Woolen Manufacturing Company (The Mill)8-18-82Bridge Street
3. Town Hall (Dedicated 1870)12-1-88Union Square

Source: NH Division of Historic Resources