The Board of Library Trustees are the elected legal representatives of the Wadleigh Memorial Library. They are charged, under NHRSA 202:-A, with overall responsibility for the management of the library for the benefit of the citizens of Milford.

Trustee duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Select, hire and evaluate the Library Director and arbitrate internal personnel issues.
  • Determine, with the Director, policies to meet community needs and to govern the operation of the library.
  • Obtain sufficient funding from the Town for operation of the library.
  • Advocate and promote the development and improvement of library services.
  • Serve as a connecting link between library and community, interpreting the one to the other.
  • Determine, with the Director, service priorities for annual budgets and long range goals and objectives.
  • Expend all monies raised and appropriated for support of the library and render accounts and reports as required.

Questions? Email trustees@wadleighlibrary.org.

View our policy on Communication with the Board of Library Trustees.

Trustees Meeting Minutes

Deb Faucher, Chair2018
Jennifer Martin Hansen2086
Kim Paul2018
Sarah Philbrick Sandhage2020
Jennifer O'Brien-Traficante2020
David Rysdam2019
Judy Gross2019

Chris Costantino, Alternate