Commerce and Community District - 2011/2012

The Planning Board is tasked to work with the TIF Advisory Board and Eecotech through a public visioning and education process, to establish an overlay district, encompassing the ‘Brox Properties’ and adjacent complimentary land, to allow for a range of mixed uses and an expedited land use permitting process. The new overlay district must be ready to appear on 2012 Ballot.

Purpose of proposed Commerce and Community District:

  • Expand allowed uses of the district to include office, industrial, wholesale, distribution, medical, biotech, research, hotels, education, housing, energy, agriculture and recreational uses.
  • Define the administrative process for expedited review of land use applications
  • Detail the framework of the overlay district and required elements of development (i.e. public space, open space, street types, road network connections, site layout, signs and building forms)

The anticipated end result for this area of Milford will allow for environmentally sensitive mixed use development based on well-thought out master planning, providing jobs and significant property tax base revenue.

The Planning Board kicked off discussion on this project at the Community Planning Worksession on May 24th with the Board of Selectmen, School Board, Water Sewer Commissioners, ZBA, Conservation Commission, CIP, and TIF Board.

The Planning Board named the proposed overlay district the  Commerce and Community District. A  draft of the ordinance or a flyer with additional information is now available online. Or check out the Commerce and Community District Intro Video.

Commerce and Community District Vision: An innovative, environmentally sensitive mixed-use overlay district that is consistent with Milford’s community vision by integrating cost-effective, diverse transportation options and progressive economic development opportunities through comprehensive land use planning.


Next Steps: The Planning Board has posted a final draft for approval by Town Vote on March 13th. Public hearings were held on December 20th, 2011, January 4th and 17th, 2012!  If you have questions or comments please contact Bill Parker, Community Development Director at or 249.0620.