Final plan submittals:

 Site Plan

Shall have owner and as applicable, engineer and surveyor signatures in black ink  

  • one (1) 11” x 17” reduced copy            
  • one (1) mylar
  • five (5) paper sets                               
  • one (1) .pdf file 


  • Shall have owner, engineer & surveyor signatures in black ink;
  • Submit mapping fees, payable to the Town of Milford; $30.00 per new lot 
  • Submit check payable to HCRD for recording fees
  • Submit the following for each plan set:
    • one (1) 11' x 17' reduced copy
    • two (2) mylars
    • five (5) paper sets
    • one (1) CAD file 

 Easements or other documentation to be recorded** (with or without plans)

All documents shall:

  • Be signed in blue or black ink
  • Have a 3" margin at the top of the first page, and
  • Be accompanied by two checks payable to the HCRD: for recording fees and LCHIP Program fees. 

 ** Effective July 1, 2008 the State of New Hampshire has instituted a surcharge fee of $25.00 to fund the LCHIP program.  The surcharge is due at the time of recording for all plans and deeds.  The surcharge is not applicable to easements at this time. 

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