The Milford Police Department reintroduced the mountain bike unit in the summer of 2009. There are three officers and a Sergeant assigned to the unit. Since the start of the unit it has been well received by the citizens of Milford . You will see Officers riding in the downtown area as well as residential neighborhoods, local parks, apartment complexes and shopping plazas. Deployment of the bike unit will vary depending on the availability of man power.

The Milford Police Department uses the mountain bike patrol to better community policing efforts. Putting officers on a bike provides easy interaction between the police department and the citizens. Having an officer on a mountain bike allows citizens and business owners to speak to that officer on a face to face basis and address issues and concerns that they might not be able to ask an officer driving by in a patrol vehicle. It also allows for officers to respond to calls for service in certain out of the way areas quicker, where a patrol vehicle can not respond to due to the location. The bike unit will also be seen at special events such as the Labor Day parade, Fourth of July and the Pumpkin Festival.

Mountain bike officers attend training on the bikes on a yearly basis. The Milford Police Department mountain bike unit utilizes specialized police Fuji Mountain Bikes. Each bike is equipped with high intensity lights in the front and back of the bike for night time patrol and easy visibility as well as reflective police markings on the bike. The mountain bike unit is a different, positive law enforcement tool used by the PD by allowing better, easier, interaction between police and the citizens of Milford . 

For more information on the Milford Police Mountain Bike Patrol Unit please contact Sgt. Shawn Pelletier at 603-249-0630 ext. 358.