Officer Jay Palmer and K-9 Dog OryxThe Milford Police Department K-9 Unit is assigned to the Operations Division and is under the supervision of Sergeant Kevin Furlong. 

The Milford K-9 Unit was established to provide highly trained teams of both dogs and handlers to assist officers in various aspects of law enforcement. These may include locating missing or lost persons, apprehension of criminals, detection of illegal substances, preventive patrol, crowd control, evidence recovery, and most importantly, community and public relations.

Our current K-9 Unit consists of Handler Jay Palmer with K-9 Oryx.

Officer Jay Palmer began his Police career with the Concord Police Department in 2002 and transferred to the Milford Police in 2007.  K-9 Oryx was purchased by the Milford Police Department in September of 2009 utilizing community donations.  In December of 2009 K-9 Oryx was certified in tracking for subjects and articles.  Officer Palmer and K-9 Oryx received there full Patrol certification on May 3, 2010 and continues to train with the NH Working Dog Foundation.  Oryx is a German Shepherd and weighs approximately 73 lbs. 

The K-9 Unit performs standard patrol duties in addition to responding to a variety of calls where the K-9 Unit may be needed. The teams train on a regular basis in order to stay fit and prepared for being in the field and encountering a variety of conditions. 

Milford's K-9 Unit in Action
K-9 Zed retired 2010 shown with Handler Dean Hardwick