Tips On Applying For General Assistance

  • No appointment is necessary.  
  • Print out the application from the link below or pick up an application from the Welfare Department office at the Library Annex or from the Selectman's Office at Town Hall.  Complete as much of it as possible before the application.
  • Gather the necessary documentation to bring to the Welfare office.

    Documents include:

    • Social security numbers
    • Photo identification
    • Documentation for children (birth certificates, etc.)
    • Car registration
    • Rental agreement
    • Bank statements, balances
    • Bills including rent receipts, utilities, telephone, cable, storage unit, doctor/medical, car, insurance, maintenance
    • Paycheck stubs for the previous 4-6 weeks
    • Any source of income (tax refund, child support, state aid, etc.)
    • Documentation from other agencies (such as State Welfare, Fuel Assistance, Social Security)
    • Medical notes when appropriate
  • You must have a demand for rent from the landlord to make an appointment.  
  • All money should go towards BASIC LIVING NEEDS first (rent, heat, electric, food and medical).  Most other bills take a back seat to basic living needs.

To determine financial eligibility, the Welfare Department calculates all income and ALLOWABLE expenses.  Examples of allowable expenses include rent, food, and utilities.  NOT ALLOWED include cable, vanity license plates, cell phone, and extra telephone options.