What can the Town assist me with?

  • Rent - need demand for rent or notice to quit from landlord; 1st month's rent

  • Utilities (electric, heat)

  • Prescriptions

    • Certain requirements must be met

    • Client needs to provide a current doctor's prescription

    • Client is responsible in obtaining pricing from a participating pharmacy

 What else does Welfare do?

In addition to providing financial assistance, the following are common referrals which are made as a result of coming to the Welfare Department:
  • Counseling-Individual and Family
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy
  • Homeless Outreach and Case Management
  • Assistance in completing forms to apply for other services
  • Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs
  • Budget Counseling
  • State Welfare: food stamps, child care, child support, cash assistance, Medicaid/Healthy Kids, unemployment, employment
  • Social Security
  • Host Homes
  • Mediation

Is Fuel Assistance available from Milford Welfare?

No, Fuel Assistance is administered by Southern NH Services.

Call 1-877-757-7048

Does Milford Welfare pay security deposits?

No, The Town may assist with first month's rent to qualified applicants.

How do I apply if I am disabled?

Call to make an appointment and suitable arrangements will be made

Does the Milford Welfare office have handicapped access?


I am not a Milford resident, can I still apply?

In New Hampshire each town (city) has their own Welfare Department for their residents.  You will be referred to the town of your residency.

I do not speak English well, do you have interpreters?

Arrangements will be made to the best of our ability.  Often times family members may accompany a client at their appointment.

Can I apply over the phone or the internet?

No, Applications must be delivered in person at a scheduled appointment.

I received help from Milford Welfare in the past, do I have to reapply?

Yes, Each time assistance is requested, an appointment must be made and an application reviewed.

Does Milford offer emergency shelter if I am homeless?

Milford residents are referred to shelters throughout New Hampshire (usually Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter).