The Town Flag of Milford NH

Adopted at town meeting 1990
The flag of Milford was a joint effort by Lynn Knights and Marty Wilde following a meeting of the town's Bicentennial Committee. The town, looking forward to it's bicentennial set up a committee six years before the event. At a meeting of the committee, Lynn Knights proposed that a flag and logo be designed for the celebration. It was proposed that a contest for local artists and school children be established.

This was done, and after several months there were no submissions for the contest. It was decided that we proceed with a subcommittee propsal put forth by Lynn Knights and Marty Wilde. They proposed a flag consisting of a purple and gray field divided by a blue stripe.

These elements represented:

The gray of the granite which is extensively quarried here in Milford making Milford the granite town of the granite state;

The purple was to represent our connection to New Hampshire symbols of the purple lilac and purple finch, the state floral emblem and state bird;

The blue stripe was to represent the Souhegan River which flows through Milford.

Over the blue river was placed a mill wheel showing the "mill fording" the river. Many mills were built along the river to take advantage of the power of the falls.

The spokes and hub were to represent the town oval where all roads lead.

The gold bell on the flag is representative of the bell in the clock tower of the town hall, which is a Paul Revere bell and has been part of the town since 1846.