Technical Accident Reconstruction Team

The Milford Technical Accident Reconstruction Team (TAR) is a task-organized group of officers that serve in a variety of assignments within the department and are called on to function as a team when needed to investigate certain motor vehicle accidents.

The TAR Team is activated for all fatal accidents, DWI related accidents, serious bodily injury accidents, and other collisions in which the technical reconstruction will be useful to the investigation.

The Milford Police Accident Reconstruction Team are highly trained officers supervised by Sergeant Andrew Fowle . The team is comprised of Captain Craig Frye , Officer Dana Johnson and Officer Kris Thibault, as well as the assigned Prosecutor and an assigned Detective.

Using their tools and specialized training, they investigate all aspects of a motor vehicle crash to determine what the cause of the collision was. The investigators photograph, video, measure, sketch, and utilize mathematical formulas to ensure a detailed and accurate report.


Bicycle Unit

The Milford Police Department reintroduced the mountain bike unit in the summer of 2009. There are four Officers, one Captain and two Sergeants assigned to the unit. Since the start of the unit it has been well received by the citizens of Milford . You will see Officers riding in the downtown area as well as residential neighborhoods, local parks, apartment complexes and shopping plazas. Deployment of the bike unit will vary depending on the availability of man power.

The Milford Police Department uses the mountain bike patrol to better community policing efforts. Putting officers on a bike provides easy interaction between the police department and the citizens. Having an officer on a mountain bike allows citizens and business owners to speak to that officer on a face to face basis and address issues and concerns that they might not be able to ask an officer driving by in a patrol vehicle. It also allows for officers to respond to calls for service in certain out of the way areas quicker, where a patrol vehicle can not respond to due to the location. The bike unit will also be seen at special events such as the Labor Day parade, Fourth of July and the Pumpkin Festival.

Mountain bike officers attend training on the bikes on a yearly basis. The Milford Police Department mountain bike unit utilizes specialized police Fuji Mountain Bikes. Each bike is equipped with high intensity lights in the front and back of the bike for night time patrol and easy visibility as well as reflective police markings on the bike. The mountain bike unit is a different, positive law enforcement tool used by the PD by allowing better, easier, interaction between police and the citizens of Milford . 

For more information on the Milford Police Mountain Bike Patrol Unit please contact Sgt. Shawn Pelletier at 603-249-0630 ext. 358. 

Officer Jay Palmer and K-9 Dog Oryx


K-9 Unit

The Milford Police Department K-9 Unit is assigned to the Operations Division and is under the supervision of Sergeant Kevin Furlong. 

The Milford K-9 Unit was established to provide highly trained teams of both dogs and handlers to assist officers in various aspects of law enforcement. These may include locating missing or lost persons, apprehension of criminals, detection of illegal substances, preventive patrol, crowd control, evidence recovery, and most importantly, community and public relations.

Our current K-9 Unit consists of Handler Jay Palmer with K-9 Oryx.

Officer Jay Palmer began his Police career with the Concord Police Department in 2002 and transferred to the Milford Police in 2007.  K-9 Oryx was purchased by the Milford Police Department in September of 2009 utilizing community donations.  In December of 2009 K-9 Oryx was certified in tracking for subjects and articles.  Officer Palmer and K-9 Oryx received there full Patrol certification on May 3, 2010 and continues to train with the NH Working Dog Foundation.  Oryx is a German Shepherd and weighs approximately 73 lbs. 

The K-9 Unit performs standard patrol duties in addition to responding to a variety of calls where the K-9 Unit may be needed. The teams train on a regular basis in order to stay fit and prepared for being in the field and encountering a variety of conditions. 

Milford's K-9 Unit in Action
K-9 Zed retired 2010 shown with Handler Dean Hardwick


Motorcycle Unit

The Milford Police Departments Motorcycle Unit was officially started in 2004 with the purchase of the town’s first Harley Davidson motorcycle.  The motorcycle was a 2003 Harley Davidson Electra Glide and was purchased utilizing a grant.  The motorcycle was equipped with emergency lights, siren, specialized communication equipment, RADAR, and is clearly marked with the Department’s seal and police markings.

In 2007 the Milford Police Department began leasing a second Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle.  Every year this leased motorcycle is turned back in for a newer model.

The Motorcycle Unit is supervised by Captain Craig Frye.   The Motor Unit is comprised of Officer Joe McKenna, Sergeant Josh Joki and Officer Richard Addonizio.  All these Officers have completed an intensive Police Motorcycle Operator’s course.

The Milford Police Department believes strongly in focusing on community policing which is important in combating crime and improving the quality of life for the citizens of Milford .  The motorcycle unit allows officers to patrol neighborhoods in order to focus on traffic enforcement and motor vehicle complaints.  The motorcycles are well adapted for traffic enforcement in that they are able to monitor traffic by being less obvious in certain areas and not disrupting the flow of traffic.  The motorcycles can be used for traffic enforcement at high accident locations, school zones, neighborhoods, parks, and complaint areas.

In certain circumstances motorcycles have advantages over police cruisers in that the motorcycles can maneuver through stopped traffic and are able to reach an emergency in a safe and efficient manner.  The motorcycles are able to patrol areas that cruisers are unable to.



The Milford Police Department established an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Unit in 2007. This specialized unit was formed to address off-road recreational problems confronted by the street patrol division.

Officers assigned to the ATV Unit ride a four-wheeled motorized vehicle specifically designed to reach remote trails and wilderness areas throughout town. The most common complaints officers receive include trespassing on private property; unregistered Off Highway Recreational Vehicles (OHRV); and operating an OHRV under 18 years old without a helmet or eye protection.

Officers assigned to the ATV Unit receive classroom training concerning OHRV laws in addition to specialized rider training. Each officer is required to pass a practical examination that tests their ability to safely operate the OHRV in various situations and environmental conditions. The ATV itself is equipped with emergency lights and police decals. A handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) assists the officers in locating and marking various wilderness areas for patrol.

The Milford Police Department also works in conjunction with the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game. Our unified goal is to ensure legal and safe operation of all OHRV’s.

The ATV Unit consists of  Sergeant Shawn Pelletier and Sergeant Matthew Fiffield.