The Milford Technical Accident Reconstruction Team (TAR) is a task-organized group of officers that serve in a variety of assignments within the department and are called on to function as a team when needed to investigate certain motor vehicle accidents.

The TAR Team is activated for all fatal accidents, DWI related accidents, serious bodily injury accidents, and other collisions in which the technical reconstruction will be useful to the investigation.

The Milford Police Accident Reconstruction Unit is a team of highly trained officers that is supervised by Sergeant Kevin Furlong . The team is comprised of Support Commander Christopher Nervik, Sergeant Craig Frye , Patrolman Dana Johnson , as well as the assigned Prosecutor and an assigned Detective.

Using their tools and specialized training, they investigate all aspects of a motor vehicle crash to determine what the cause of the collision was. The investigators photograph, video, measure, sketch, and utilize mathematical formulas to ensure a detailed and accurate report.