Latest Information on Main Street Relief Fund from The Chamber of Commerce

Main Street relief

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Finally, some information is trickling out as to what the process will be for the businesses who have applied for the Pre-qualification of the Main Street Relief Funds.

  1. The state has decided to slow down to be sure it’s done right
  2. The deadline of May 29 for the Preliminary ( qualifying ) application sticks
  3. Applicants will be notified by email if their application has been accepted
  4. Applicants will have 1 week to apply after being sent the email that tells them they have been approved to apply
  5. The date of June 8 is no longer the deadline
  6. The deadline will be 1 week after receipt of approval to apply  

Due to the tight turnaround, encourage your members to check their email regularly, including SPAM filters, to avoid missing the email and missing the deadline.

For information and outreach, the best resource of information is here: It includes a business help portal for businesses to get questions answered quickly by a team of business specialists. The portal is staffed 7 days a week. Guidance documents can be found under the Reopening Task Force tab. Here are some other helpful links:

Reopening Task Force, with meeting agendas, audio recordings, minutes, and final guidance
Quick Reference Guide for guidance application for each industry
BEA business help portal where anyone can get a question answered
GOFERR program information

Note: From the Re-Opening Task Force

The state is  presently testing the technology of the application process before going to step 2. The application process will continue soon and that once the application process is published then there will be a one week timeline to submit the application in. Therefore, the original dates should be considered as extended to new dates to be determined.