Job Descriptions


AD00-Town Administrator (FT)
AD02-Executive Secretary Town Administrator/ BOS (FT)
HR04-Human Resource Director (FT)
IT00-IT Director (FT)
IT Technician (FT) - in process 2021 new position
AS00-Assessor (FT)
AS05-Admin Asst II (LPT)
Community Development (OCD)
CC02-Conservation Commission Coordinator (PT)
CD00-Director of Community Development (FT)
CD09-Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer (FT)
CD14-Electrical Inspector (PT)
CD15-Land Use Assistant I/Permit Clerk (PT)
CD16-Land Use Assistant II / Office Manager (FT)
CD19-Town Planner  (FT)
CD20-GIS Intern - Engineering (FT - max 6 month duration)
PL03-Research Clerk (PT)
PL04-Recording Clerk (LPT)
Department of Public Works (DPW) 
PW00-Director (FT) 
PW22-Highway Manager (FT) 
PW06-Administrative Assistant II (FT) 
PW15-General Foreman - Highway (FT) 2020 new position 
PW27-General Foreman - Facilities (FT) 
CE13-Foreman-Cemetery/Parks (FT) 
CE14-Truck Driver/Laborer (FT)Teamster 
PW05-Truck Driver/Laborer (FT)Teamster
PW04-Truck Driver/Equipment Operator (FT)Teamster
PW25-Truck Driver/Mechanic (FT)Teamster
CE02-Laborer (FT)Teamster
PW07-Custodian (FT)Teamster
PW10-Seasonal Laborer (FT/PT)  
SW00-Transfer Station Supervisor (FT) 
SW04-Transfer Station Equipment Operator (FT)See PW04  (Transfer Station not Teamster)
SW09-Transfer Station Laborer (FT)Teamster
PW31-GIS Intern (PT/FT - Temp - 6 mth rotation) 
PW32-GIS Tech (RFT) 
PW33-GISTech (RPT - 20+ hrs/wk)Refer to the GIS Tech (RFT) job description
Finance (FIN)
FI00-Finance Director (FT)
FI01-Accounting/Payroll Coordinator(FT) 
TX03-Tax Collector (FT)
FI09-Finance Clerk (FT)
Media Department (GTM) 
PA02-GTM Videographer (LPT) 
PA04-Media Manager (FT) 

PA05-Assistant Media Manager (FT) - 2020 new position

Milford Ambulance Services (MAS)
AM00-Director (FT)
AM17-Paramedic/Captain (FT)
AM01-Paramedic (FT)
AM02-Paramedic (PT)
AM15-AEMT (PT/PerDiem)
AM14-Billing Clerk / Admin Asst I (RPT)
AM12-Volunteer (EMT/AEMT/Para) (LPT)
Milford Fire Department (MFD)
FD00-Fire Chief (FT)
FD01-Captain - Fire Prevention Officer (FT)
FD02-Administrative Assistant II (FT-35hrs/wk) 
FD15-Firefighters (FT)
FD03-Call Firefighter II (Call)
FD05-Captain - Training Officer (FT)
FD06-Call Fire Lieutenant (Call)
FD07-Call Fire Captain (Call)
FD08-Call Firefighter I (Call)
FD09-Call Dep Fire Chief (Call)
FD10-Call Assistant Fire Chief (Call)
DRAFT Call Drivers
DRAFT Senior Call Firefighter
Milford Police Department (MPD) 
PD00-Police Chief (FT) 
PD01-Captain (FT) 
PD01-Captain, Support (FT) 
Patrol Officer (Patrol 1, 2, 3 and Master Patrol are all based on this job description factoring in length of service and internal testing processes) 
     PD05-Police Master Detective (FT) AFSCME
     PD02-Police Master Patrol (FT) AFSCME
     PD06-Police Patrol 1st (FT)AFSCME
     PD07-Police Patrol 2nd (FT)AFSCME
     PD08-Police Patrol 3rd (FT)AFSCME
     Juvenile Officer AFSCME
PD04-Police Detective (FT)AFSCME
PD10-Administrative Assistant II (FT) 
PD12-Administrative Assistant I (FT) Teamster
PD14-Crossing Guard (LPT) 
PD16-Administrative Assistant I (PT) 
PD17-Police Civilian Prosecutor (FT) 
PD21-Police Sergeant (FT)Non-Union
PD23-Police Detective Sergeant (FT)Non-Union
Recreation Department (REC)
RD00-Director (FT)
RD32-Program Coordinator (FT)
RD05-Lifeguard, No WSI (FT/PT) Seasonal
RD08-Head Swim Team Coach (PT) Seasonal
RD11-Rec Admin Coord (PT) Seasonal
RD15-Park Ranger-Seasonal (FT/PT) Seasonal
RD20-Head Lifeguard - (FT/PT) Seasonal
RD34-Pool Manager (PT) Seasonal
RD36-Admin Assistant (PT) Seasonal
RD37-Lifeguard - (FT/PT) Seasonal
RD38-Head LG-Swim Lessons (PT) Seasonal
RDXX-Intern (FT/PT - max 6 month rotation)
RDXX-Recreation Program Instructor (Limited part-time)
RDXX-MICE Team Volunteer (VOL)
Town Clerk (TC) 
TC07-Town Clerk (Elected position) (FT) 
TC08-Municipal Town Clerk (PT) 
TC10-Assistant Deputy Town Clerk (LPT) 
TC11-Municipal Clerk Floater (FT) 
TC12-Deputy Town Clerk (FT) 
Wadleigh Memorial Library (LIB)
LI00-Director (FT)
LI02-Head of Tech Svcs (FT)
LI03-Prof Librarian (PT)
LI08-Library Asst, Tech Svcs (PT)
LI11-Library Assistant, Circulation (PT)
LI12-Library Page (LPT)
LI13-Custodian (LPT - 15 +/- hrs/wk)
LI14-Reference & Adult Services Librarian (FT)
LI22-Young Adult Services/Reference Librarian (FT)
LI26-Children's Librarian (FT)
LI30-Library Assistant (FT)
LI31-Head of Circulation (FT)
LI32-Library Assistant Substitute (PT)
LI34-Building Services Specialist (PT)
LI35-Asst Children's Librarian (PT)
Water Utilities Department (WUD) 
WU00-Director (FT) 
WW02-Foreman - Collections System (FT) 
WA03-Foreman - Water (FT) 
WW12-Foreman - Wastewater Operations (FT) 
WW03-Laboratory Supervisor - WWTF (FT) 
WW20-Executive Assistant (FT) 
WA02-Account ClerkWater (FT) (under revision)Teamster
WW04-Certified Operator - WWTF (FT) 
WA10- Operator, Certified - Water (FT) 
WA14-Operator, Non-certified - Water (FT) 
WW16-Heavy Equipment Operator/Leadman - WWTF (FT)Teamster
WA05-Truck Driver/Equip Operator - Water (FT)Teamster
WW13-Truck Driver/Equipment Operator - WWTF (FT)Teamster
WW05-Maintenance Mechanic-Wastewater (FT)Teamster
WA13-AR Billing Clerk (LPT) 
WE00-Director (RPT)
WE03-Admin Asst I (LPT)
Retired Positions - no active links 
WA01-Distribution Svc/Meter Tech (FT) - position retired 2020Teamster
WA09-Laborer - Water Seasonal (FT/PT) 
WU02-Admin (LPT) 
WU03-Admin (RPT-Temp) 
WU04-Intern I - WUD (Temp) 
WW15-Laborer - Collection Sys Seasonal (FT/PT)