Milford Memorial Committee


Formed in 2017, the Milford Memorial Committee’s purpose is to present to the Board of Selectmen a design and location of a Vietnam War Memorial and the ability to raise money through donations, fund raisers, grants for the construction of the project. The project has been expanded to include the design for a potential second memorial, the Freedom Memorial. Anyone who wishes to donate to the Vietnam War Memorial can send a check or money order to the Town of Milford, Trustees of Trust Funds c/o Vietnam War Memorial.  1 Union Square, Milford NH 03055

The memorials honor all those men and women from Milford and beyond whose service to their country demonstrated the hope, freedom, equality, honor, and loyalty.  In particular, the memorials seeks to honor those whose service and experience was from the war in Vietnam and acknowledgement of our nation’s ongoing commitment to fighting terrorism. 

Staff Contacts



Jerry Guthrie
Douglas Cave
Lincoln Daley
Rodney Dellafelice
Jay Duffy
Brendan Philbrick
Troy Swanick
Paul Taylor
John Weidman

VFW Representative / Veteran
Community Development Director
Conservation Commission
Property Owner
Public Works Department
Technical Advisor