NRPC Crowdsource Comment Map »

An interactive Crowdsource Comment Map has been created for driving, transit, and infrastructure related comments....

Granite Town Media

Granite Town Media Channel Lineup Change »

The Channel Lineup for our Comcast channels are changing starting "On or About" August 9th, 2023....


Call for Volunteers for Zoning Board Alternates »

The Zoning Board is responsible for granting relief where appropriate, and "interpreting the Town's Zoning Ordinances...

scout house

Milford’s Laurel/Abbott Schoolhouse Added to the NH State Register of Historic Places »

Once one of eight district schoolhouses in Milford, the Abbott/Laurel Schoolhouse was built circa 1862 and served...


Update to Solar Project »

See presentation attached below that was presented at the August 22nd meeting of the Board of Selectmen.

scout house

Authentic Granite Steps for the Laurel/Abbott Scout House »

The Laurel/Abbott Schoolhouse has recently attracted the attention of Milford’s Heritage Commission.

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