How was the Budget Committee formed?
The Budget Advisory Committee was formed as a result of a warrant article passed on March 5, 1974. The wording of the article is as follows:

That a committee of nine be appointed annually by the moderator, prior to October 1, for a one-year term to be known as the Town Budget Committee, whose duty it shall be to bring recommendations before the Town Meeting on all items of the budget, warrant articles and other matters concerning the Town, and present their findings in a printed report at least four days before the day of the Town Meeting; said Committee to be available throughout the year for consultation and advice; said Committee to serve without compensation; and said Committee to meet jointly with the School Budget Committee at least once prior to printing their reports to discuss items of mutual interest"


How are Budget Committee Members selected?
Budget Committee members are appointed each year by the Town Moderator. Members are appointed for one year terms, and appointments must be made prior to October 1st of the upcoming budget year.


How can I join the Budget Committee?
Anyone wishing to join the Budget Committee should contact Town Moderator Peter Basiliere.


Does the Budget Committee report to the Board of Selectmen?
The Budget Committee is not appointed by, nor do they report to, the Board of Selectmen. The Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen do in fact work very closely during budget season, and there is much interaction between the two boards. However, they are independent of each other.


Does the Budget Committee review the School District Budget?
No. The School District Moderator appoints a separate Budget Committee to review the School District Budget.


How often does the Budget Committee meet?
Typically, the Budget Committee meets twice a month during budget season. However, as deadlines for Budget and Warrant Articles draw near, the committee will meet more often. All Budget Committee meetings are posted, advertised, and noted on this Website.


Is the Budget Committee obliged to honor budget guidelines and/or principles that may have been adopted by the Board of Selectmen?
No. While the Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen work closely in an attempt to achieve consensus on budget issues, the Budget Committee is a separate, fully independent entity. While in many cases the Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen may share many goals and guidelines, the Budget Committee is under no obligation whatsoever to assume those same goals and guidelines.