The Milford Community Facilities Advisory Committee is a group of citizens who have been given a charge by the Board of Selectmen to evaluate selected parcels and to present a recommendation for a potential new Ambulance facility.   

The Milford Facilities Advisory Committee was established in April 2003. At that time, the committee was given the following charge: To develop a comprehensive community-supported Town and School facilities master plan, with background that supports specific recommendations for facility size, location, function and timing for construction; and to implement specific actions to inform, educate, and gain approval from the elected officials and citizenry of Milford in implementing the plan.

Since 2003, the committee has studied the condition of all Town facilities. The following information is a result of this effort and a belief that providing suitable, accessible community facilities and services is a principal function of local government, and one that affects the quality of life of every citizen. The committee finds that the effectiveness of local government is measured to a great extent by its ability to plan for and finance these facilities in accordance with a long range plan.

Community Facilities Committee Members: Library 2012-2013
Gil Archambault
Scott Cornett
Meghan Lydon
Ann Mione
Merv Newton
Malia Ohlson
Joe O'Neail
Bill Parker - Community Development Director
Michelle Sampson - Library Director
Chris Costantino - Library Trustees Representative