Authentic Granite Steps for the Laurel/Abbott Scout House

scout house

The Laurel/Abbott Schoolhouse has recently attracted the attention of Milford’s Heritage Commission. Located in East Milford, it is the town’s last remaining traditional one-room schoolhouse.  Originally serving farm families as the Abbott Schoolhouse, it later moved to its current location in response to the growing demands of immigrant workers associated with the Granite industry. Later, it was referred to as the East Milford School.  Since 1952, it has served as the Scout House. Decades of use by the community are showing the wear and tear on most every feature.  

Last fall, the Heritage Commission sponsored a free seminar with an expert on historic window repair and restoration. During the workshop, the building’s windows were restored.  This spring,  a private donation from Steve Trombly and Clayton Gray has made possible the installation of new granite steps, replacing the crumbling concrete steps pictured above.  The new steps are built from local Milford granite. 

Donations for restoration have been made by many local businesses, the American Legion and the Keyes Foundation. These donations show an outpouring of support from residents and local businesses. Due to a substantial donation by the Keyes Foundation, future assessment and  work is now being planned. The Commission has placed the Schoolhouse on the State Register of Historic Places, which opens the door for more grants.

The Milford Heritage Commission is always looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in joining us in this work, please visit and contact Chairman David Palance at