The Milford Police Department established an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Unit in 2007. This specialized unit was formed to address off-road recreational problems confronted by the street patrol division.

Officers assigned to the ATV Unit ride a four-wheeled motorized vehicle specifically designed to reach remote trails and wilderness areas throughout town. The most common complaints officers receive include trespassing on private property; unregistered Off Highway Recreational Vehicles (OHRV); and operating an OHRV under 18 years old without a helmet or eye protection.

The ATV Unit is supervised by Sergeant Matthew Fiffield.Officers assigned to the ATV Unit receive classroom training concerning OHRV laws in addition to specialized rider training. Each officer is required to pass a practical examination that tests their ability to safely operate the OHRV in various situations and environmental conditions. The ATV itself is equipped with emergency lights and police decals. A handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) assists the officers in locating and marking various wilderness areas for patrol.

The Milford Police Department also works in conjunction with the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game. Our unified goal is to ensure legal and safe operation of all OHRV’s.

The ATV Unit consists of Captain Shawn Pelletier, Sergeant Andrew Fowle and Sergeant Matthew Fiffield.