Trails Committee

2 hikers going iover a wooden walkway - 1 is bent over looking closely at something just off to the side of the walkwayHey there hikers and outdoors people! If you’re the kind of person who loves to get outside, hike and would be interested in volunteering to improve Milford’s trail systems, the Milford Conservation Commission Trails Committee, is always looking for volunteers to maintain, improve and make new trails. The work can range from blazing, installing a footbridge, making a clearing, putting up signage or simply removing debris from a trail. The Trails Committee manages the Trails Systems in Milford’s Town Forest, Conservation Lands and other acquired properties in Milford. We work with Mtn. Biking crews, snowmobile crews, scouts and provide community service work opportunities for high school students. Most volunteer work is done in the Spring, Summer and Fall months. No experience is necessary. Without volunteer help, a lot of work wouldn’t be accomplished. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information about getting involved with making Milford's trails a better hiking experience, please contact us. Happy Hiking!!

In 2007, the Milford Conservation Commission (MCC) established the Trails Committee to manage public use on the town forests and other properties that the Conservation Commission manages according to the Conservation Land Ordinance. Current members are: Brian Hawkins (chairman), Steve Erdody (vice-chairman), Chris Costantino, Larry Kimball, and George Skuse. Chris Costantino is the Conservation Commission Coordinator who works part-time in the MCC office in the Town Hall and is the contact person for the committee at 249-0628.

The Trails Committee has focused on upgrading the trail systems in town forests. They developed a Trails Manual which was adopted by the Milford Conservation Commission in September of 2008. The Trails Committee has attracted a large number of volunteers. The MCC office maintains a contact list and sends out notices for upcoming projects. Volunteers can reply and choose projects for which they are interested and available.  If you would like more information about the Trails Committee, or if you would like to sign up to be a Trail Volunteer, contact the Conservation Commission office at 249-0628 or send email.