We operate four engines and one ladder company. Each company is supervised by a Captain and Lieutenant. The department also operates a heavy rescue which is staffed by all personnel who are trained in technical rescue, auto extraction, hazardous materials and water rescue.

Engine 1

Captain James Young 
Lt Thomas Crowley
FF Greg Balcom
FF Francis Coffey
FF Ryan Hooper
FF Patrick Meagher   
FF Nathan Craigie


Engine 2

Captain Michael Parkhurst
Lt Michael Goldstein 
FF Duane Chappell 
FF Jeffrey Sickler
FF Ian Bragg
FF Charles Bouley
FF AJ Solan
FF Matthew Bradley 
Engine 3

Captain Brian Charest
Lt Gary Williams
FF John O'Connor
FF Michael Adams 
FF Scott Knowles
FF Spencer Pickett
FF Sean Wilkerson


Engine 4

Captain Brett French
Lt Jamison Mayhew
FF Jason Riendeau
FF Travis Oneail
FF Caleb Williams 
FF Christopher Pervere 


Ladder 1

Captain Dean Chappell
Lt Jeffrey Brooks
FF Michael Rush
FF Ray Anderson
FF Patrick Chamberlain
FF Steven Fogle